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The CRIS-IR Task Group aims at furthering the science and technology of the linkage between CRIS and repositories and specifically open access institutional repositories of publications, although data and software repositories are also of interest. This involves working on the architecture for linkage, the metadata and the mechanisms. There are outstanding issues in these areas concerned with syntax, semantics and software processes. Technical work must be preceded by communication and approximation of views between two communities: CRIS  and  Repository managers and specialists.


recent activities
  • Survey on institutional CRIS system (plus repository) implementation. A survey for collecting information on institutional CRIS systems across Europe was launched on Apr 7th. 2015. This survey, which also covers institutional repositories, was prepared in the previous weeks by a joint  euroCRIS/EUNIS team including Michelle Mennielli (EUNIS and euroCRIS), Ligia Ribeiro (EUNIS) and Pablo de Castro (euroCRIS). The survey, available at, has already collected over 60 responses from many different countries, many of them from French and Italian institutions after the invitation to provide information was further distributed via local mailing lists in both countries. The results of the survey will be presented at the EUNIS 2015 conference in Dundee next June and will also provide a very useful source of information for extending the DRIS coverage. This EUNIS/euroCRIS survey on institutional CRIS implementation may overlap with similar initiatives carried out at national level in countries like The Netherlands and the UK. If it were possible to establish a collaboration with the national units in charge of this work (SURF, the Jisc), this could provide a useful best practice for its potential application in additional countries. This survey has in fact arisen from a previous collaboration between FCT, Universidade do Porto and euroCRIS for putting out a Portuguese CRIS survey .  
planned activities
  • euroCRIS reply to COAR Roadmap for repository interoperability A final response to the COAR Roadmap for repository interoperability has been completed this week and will shortly be sent to Kathleen Shearer, COAR CEO, This document proposes opening a joint workline on CRIS/IR interoperability between both organisations.
  • Interoperability between National CRISs and the national repository network This proposed CRIS/IR interoperability workline for implementing Open Access (OA) in countries where there's little or no repository infrastructure keeps getting disseminated whenever the opportunity arises. A talk on this topic was delivered last Mar 25th at the Slovak OA conference in Bratislava, and a follow-up to it has been agreed for the Czech Otevrene repozitare 2015 (Open Repositories), which will be held in Brno on the same dates as the euroCRIS membership meeting in Paris.