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Architecture & Development

The Task Group CRIS Architecture and Development focuses on those aspects of CRIS software and development processes which are suitable for sharing or reuse throughout the CRIS community. The main priorities are: a.The development of a Reference Implementation for CERIF-CRIS (CC-REFIM) b.The definition of a standard REST API for programmatic access to data in CERIF-CRIS systems (CERIF REST API)


recent activities
  • Progressed CERIF REST API specification to version 0.82 by incorporating all 2nd round comments as received from ARCH TG’s members.  Version 0.82 was distributed for review (until 04 May)
  • Further implemented CC-REFIM including development of the CERIF REST API and support of the ongoing population of the CERIF database with fabricated data. The current version of CC-REFIM has been launched at and that of CERIF REST API at
  • Provided CERIF REST API specification in its draft form to be used in Portugal by FCCN for a native CERIF pilot system
planned activities
  • Move forward CERIF REST API specification and stabilize it to version 1.0. This task is estimated to occur after the current membership meeting, based on ARCH TG’s decisions.
  • Publish the CERIF REST API specification version 1.0 to the community via the new EuroCRIS website and in coordination with CERIF specifcation.
  • Update deployed CC-REFIM and CERIF REST API with version 1.0 and finalize the population of fabricated data.